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Pacific Standard Time

Restaurant Review

Pacific Standard Time

PST outdoor.jpg

Pacific Standard Time a sunny Californian esque laid back vibe in the heart of River North. Just don’t forget to make a reservation. Does that make it a manufactured laid back vibe? I don’t know, just good luck walking in and getting a table.  If it’s a laid back Saturday and you want a spontaneous delicious dinner, don’t go here unless you have planned your spontaneity well in advance, but that’s not to say anything bad about the restaurant. In fact what most likely started as a chill establishment only caught on so quickly because of how damn good it is. It’s also damn pricey, and I also need to stop typing damn. Overall this has been a unconstructive intro paragraph, kind of how I feel about the menu. Good food, but what’s happening, so much is happening, and it’s small portions, and I get it you do that in California, small little bites for everyone, but here in Chicago we like big portions and run on sentences, but by all means go and try the food its really good. Let me summarize my mostly incoherent intro rant, nice atmosphere, for the most part great food, pricey, and still somehow chill. Now, on to the food!

Pita and Ahi.jpg

Pita and Ahi Tuna

The pita, oh mama, the pita! This place has no shortage of brick wood burning ovens that churns out some of the most unique and interesting pita I have ever had.  It bubbles up to a doughy consistency then it is put directly on the plate, piping hot. It’s delicious! The hummus and ahi tuna, pretty good, but I just wanted to eat more of it so I can dip that fantastic pita into something. You know what I’m sayin!


Chicken Wings

Pretty spot on for asian style chicken wings, but $14 for 7, who do you think we all are Robert Downey Jr? I don’t know why RDJ is the epitome of wealth to me at this moment but the Iron Man franchises did make him pretty rich.  Overall really good wings, but too pricey, and I hate when appetizers come in odd numbers, who is making reservations for 7? Not me!

Red Snapper.jpg

Red Snapper

The fish was perfectly cooked and well seasoned. The sides and acutremet were divine. Savory, quality fish, overall I liked this one. I think it may have been a special menu item. Also I might be biased Red Snapper is my second favorite fish,.



Ah, the crowd favorite, meat! This steak was so very average. It was a steak, it was pretty alright, but it was $79! Get the Fu*k outta here. It says it feeds two to three too. I don’t know about you but when I order a steak I eat the steak. I actually ate this whole steak. Maybe it feeds two to three vegans in California, but here in Chicago it was a decent app.  Look if you want to spend $79 on a steak there are literally endless options I would recommend above this. Get it if your sharing plates and everyone will have a piece (say it like my jewish grandma when you read that line), but otherwise GTFO here! Google the acronym if your over 50.