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The News (as read from Twitter)

We’ve scoured Twitter for hours to bring you the only five headlines that matter

More than a dozen people rescued from a SeaWorld ride in San Diego

Authorities worked to rescue 16 people who were trapped on a gondola ride at SeaWorld in San Diego. Everyone involved is now safe.

A mammal has been declared extinct due to man-made climate change for the first time.

The Australian government has confirmed that the species Bramble Cay melomys, a tiny mammal found only on an island near Papau New Guinea, is now formally extinct.The species was thought to have died out in 2016, with environmental experts linking its demise to anthropocentric climate change including changes in sea level

Rare ‘mega-storm’ could flood dozens of cities in California, reports say

As reported in the Los Angeles Times, US scientists, researchers and engineers are warning that California could soon experience a rainstorm of “biblical proportions,” which could overwhelm dams and cities throughout the state.

Scientists have uncovered 300,000 new galaxies.

A new sky survey using cutting edge radio telescopes has published its first results. The study involves 200 scientists from 18 countries collaborating using a Low-Frequency Array (LOFAR) telescope in the Netherlands to find galaxies too faint to have been previously detected from earth.

Kevin Garnett says Team USA put $1 million bounty on Yao Ming during 2000 Olympics

During an interview with Yahoo Canada Sports, Garnett said that the team had a $1 million bet on who was going to be the first person to dunk on Yao Ming.